How to use the live Indicator

The indicator will show you BUY and SELL signals. BUY signals are shown below the price and are colored in green. SELL signals are shown above the price and are colored in red.

When a BUY/SELL signal is shown below/above a candle you always want to wait for that candle to close before placing any order. This means that you have to wait for the next candle to show up to confirm the signal itself. If you don’t wait for the candle to close, the price could change direction and the signal could change. This is a KEY factor for a profitable strategy.

When a BUY/SELL signal is showed always wait for the next candle to show up before opening/closing a trade. 👌🏼


The BOT is what it is: a BOT. It’s not always right. You always should check the charts provided in our livestreams before making any trade.
For avoiding false signals you’d always follow price trends. If the market is not trending and the price direction is undefined is easy to trigger false signals leading to an unprofitable strategy.

In this case, the best thing to do is wait for the trend to start and pull the price in one direction.

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